Company Overview
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We enhance traditional research in energy equities by applying a systematic approach based on data analytics while leveraging 20 years of experience with energy industry management teams.
We dig deeper to help you gain insights faster.

Mission Statement: To provide above market returns with below market risk by capturing changing capital efficiency in the energy sector. To be the experts in small and mid cap Energy stocks. 

Petro Lotus has one core business:


A data analytics driven equity product for fundamental and systematic buyside asset managers and energy industry decision makers.

Our research for the buyside is unbiased, based on real-time well and production data, power and pipeline flow data.


Our reports and forecasts are driven by 20+ years of researching the fundamentals and incorporate well results/asset quality, inventory, ESG policies, assessment of management and valuation. These also reflect regular check-ins with company leaders to get greater detail and challenge assertions.